N.O.-Xplode Pre-workout

N.O.-Xplode Pre-workout

The original pre-workout continues to lead a stack of BSN products designed to push athletes of all levels to better workouts.*
Today's N.O.-Xplode now has more energy, more feel, more focus, and more taste than the original. With 275mg of caffeine, 1.8g of Beta-Alanine, and focus - BSN brings it to help athletes achieve their best training sessions in mind and body.*
8.0  out of 10  (4,418 Reviews)

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N.O.-Xplode Pre-workout
Overall Rating
4,418 Ratings
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882 Ratings
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Feb 09, 2021
Verified Buyer

This product is the best preworkout supplement I have tried! I have been using it for approximately 8 years. It gives you great focus and energy. I literally cant workout without it. With no xplode I can run 4 miles easy without it maybe 2. It can be a little be hard on the stomach but you will be fine as long as you take it on an empty stomach. Best preworkout supplement ever!!!

Jan 07, 2021
Verified Buyer

The carbonation in this upsets my stomach terribly. I threw it in the trash.

Dec 13, 2020
Verified Buyer

Do not buy this unless you want to spend half your day on the toilet and enjoy the feeling of possibly sh**ing your pants at all times.

Apr 20, 2020
Verified Buyer

The flavors aren’t very good they have some odd aftertastes and things like that but that is the least important part the performance of this product is great I always feel like I have a good clean refreshing workout after using this

Feb 28, 2020
Verified Buyer

Always loved this product and thought it tasted good but something clearly changed since the last time I bought it a year ago. Now it has a weird chalky taste to it. Probably won’t buy this flavor again after this. Still a good pre workout but the change in taste is hard to get passed

Jan 28, 2020

I would like to make a statement that BSN company should take into consideration, reduction of vitamin B12 which was improved significantly from previous 3.0 ver. yes it’s a pre work out excellent product but somebody who use it to fullest maximum like me, I’m not sure and worry a little bit. Been using 3.0 for a year it was a amazing experience. Definitely want to promote product and it seriously helps a lot, but when I’m looking at that significant boost of b-12 compared to v3.0 was completely unnecessary in my opinion since we are getting a plenty of b12 from all other sources, (some people/animals ;) like to mix up things, don’t get me wrong here ;) ) NOXplode Master Performance Blend on it’s own is an exclusive package that delivers exactly what it supposed to making the product the best. In next ver. I would like to see B-12 toned down, playing with overdose of vitaminB is wrong. Once again not here to critique but give personal review. What’s new? I Definitely need to point out that dissolving process works way better than v.3.0 tho that never bothers me really and overall product body acceptance, workflow is way smoother than before they did very good improvements on this part. Great product will never quit. Thank you for reading and understanding. Very much recommended.

Nov 14, 2019
Verified Buyer

This product is amazing I have been using it for almost 10 years. I swear by it and I am in no way endorsed.

Nov 11, 2019
Verified Buyer

I tried ordering this product from this site but I found it cheaper on @#@$()/\/

Nov 01, 2019
Verified Buyer

Tastes delicious. That is about it. Zero effects, it is like drinking cool aid except much more expensive cool aid.

Oct 24, 2019

Im Training on wresling !! Take this suplement . No pump , no energy , no focus , no endurance , only little stimul, not good product !! Dont like , not working ( for my ) coffein better , when this no xplode

Aug 31, 2019
Verified Buyer

All i got from this was a caffiene even with a double dose, the focus and the pump was pretty much non exisitent.

Jul 01, 2019

Overall a good product. Provides a decent amount of energy ecspecially for an early morning cardio session.

Jun 04, 2019
Verified Buyer

My wife and I love this product! We use six days a week as our pre-workout. We take it 30 minutes before our workout and it puts us in the workout mindset and off we go. I do not drink caffeine so restlessness at night is not and issue for me or my wife. she drinks one cup of coffee later in the morning. We love the feeling we get as we start to workout. Great for focus and concentration.

Jun 01, 2019

I buy it because it was the only one available at the moment, but I’ll rather saty without next time...taste horrendous, didn’t work at all for me.

Apr 02, 2019

I can't believe I am typing this... I don't want to! But I must. This pre workout has me wondering if the factory messed up with the mix I just purchased. I feel absolutely nothing after taking this N.O. Xplode. I feel an elevated heart rate and a little paranoia... and a trip to the bathroom to go #2. I was giving this a try after C4, but C4 will be my go-to now. I am bummed to write this because Syntha-6 protein is amazing! but this pre workout was a waste of money. (IN MY OPINION)

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Today's N.O.-Xplode now has more energy, more feel, more focus, and more taste than the original. With 275mg of caffeine, 1.8g of Beta-Alanine, and focus - BSN brings it to help athletes achieve their best training sessions in mind and body.*
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